AMD’s Ryzen CPU


Earlier this year the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held its annual tech convention in Las Vegas that announced news, highlights and product reveals for the 2017 year. The gathering place is the world’s number one launch pad for innovative technology that is introduced to the market place. Over 3,800 companies, manufacturers, developers and suppliers attend the meeting and an additional 165,000 attendees from 150 countries are present. Although there was a load of news for all sorts of new products, what we know about AMD’ Ryzen CPU is incredible.


In late December, AMD leaked out just enough information about their products that left us salivating for more. Release dates and prices are still not available, but plenty of details are now on the table. AMD announced that they will be offering 16 AM4 motherboards and more than a dozen Ryzen PCs which will be available the same date as the new chip launch. There processor is now even more long-lasting but at the expense of a yearly update.


The single 8-core, 16-thread Ryzen chip will not be the only model. Although they did not go into severe details, it is known that there will be a full selection of Ryzen chips for all types of the AM4 motherboards and PCs. The brand new AM4 socket has 1331 pins which is substantially more than the older AM3+ models. AMD is now advising those with existing CPU coolers using clips should transfer to the newly designed AM4 systems.


Each unique Ryzen CPU will now be overclockable which continues the FX line’s tradition. This feature is limited to the X370, X300 and B350 chipsets but will provide incredible speeds for its AM4 motherboard products. To add to their awesome launch, Ryzen released a preview of the Radeon Vega graphic cards at the CES 2017. This decision was meant for the consumers who purchase budget systems that do not tend to work with expensive multi-GPU configurations.


The CES 2017 offered plenty of new information of AMD’s Ryzen CPU, but there is much more to discover. More light has been shed on memory configuration, high speeds and feed details but techies around the globe are still waiting for more with bated breath.