AMD Introducing Vega GPU

AMD’s next generation GPU project is set to compete with Nvidia’s GTX 10 series that is now creating waves in the market. The next-generation GPUs, called AMD Vega is being marketed to work alongside the company’s Ryzen CPU.

And since the market reports suggest that AMD has lagged behind the CPU and GPU department in comparison with Intel and Nvidia respectively, the company is now trying to step up their game desperately. The new Vega GPU has made a demo appearance at many events in the technology and gaming world, most recently being in CES.

LinusTechTips has released a video that speculates how powerful the new Vega GPU will be during the upcoming CES 2017 demos. AMD is also expected to launch their Ryzen CPU at GDC and follow it up with a demo of Vega models in the later event.

According to WCCFTech, the new line of Vega GPUs will probably see a May launch date, which would take place just before or during the Computex event slated to happen in Taipei. The company is likely to announce both the Vega 10 and Vega 11 GPUs that are lower end and higher end versions respectively.

We can also hope to see the debut of the dual-chip card based on Vega 10×2 at the event, but it’s very unlikely that it will go on sale until the later part of this year. From all the details we know so far, AMD is marketing the Vega GPU to beam faster than Nvidia’s GTX 1080 and be far more competitively priced.

According to reports, the specs of the upcoming card will blow away the performance of their upcoming releases including, Rx 480 and R9 Fury, both of which were said to be VR supported cards. The Vega models are also expected to have greater power efficiency, making it a cheaper option for VR ready laptops and desktop.